Welcome to my photography website. I present my best attempts to provide interesting color and black and white images and am never happier than when I am going to new places with my cameras.

I am as much a lens as those I use on my cameras.  I turn, I look, I see a moment and I want to collect and share it. Most of these moments include people and my constant questioning what drives people to do what they do. It’s not that I would slink away from your average beautiful sunset or panorama, but the world of people is dynamic on a shorter time scale. We all live in this time scale.

I travel constantly. My favorite feast is a visual one, never taking anything for granted. There is nothing ordinary on this planet. These images are the results of my movable feast thus far in this short human life.

I welcome your feedback directly to me at mbs@schwartzmichael.com.  We are fellow explorers on an amazing blue-green sphere covered with unbelievable humanity and virtually endless life. We are shipmates. We are all in this together. 

Michael Schwartz

Last Updated : Aug. 15,2009

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